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Many Opportunities to Study Arabic in the Fall!

Date: 01 July, 2014

Anyone who wants to study Arabic will have several opportunities this coming fall.  Classes are being offered at San Jose State, DeAnza Community College, and Stanford Continuing Education, as well as at Santa Clara and our own Arab Cultural Center Saturday morning series of classes.

San Jose State will again offer Arabic IA, in an evening  semester length course carrying five credits, Taught by Dr. Fayeq Oweis. For more information, go to www.sjsu.edu and check the language department.  A flyer for this class is at:http://www.sjsu.edu/foreignlanguages/docs/flyer_Arabic1Afall08.pdf .

De Anza Community College will  offer both Arabic 1 and Arabic 4,5, and 6, also five credit quarter length classes.  This is especially helpful for those of us who have been able to complete  Arabic 1,2, and 3 but have not been able to find a class that continues from that without matriculating at a major university with a declared major.  The classes will be Tuesday -Thursday, and the cost is approximately $103 plus parking.

Stanford’s Continuing Education Division is offering Arabic 2, for ten weeks starting on September 24. Students must have completed Arabic 1 and have a knowledge of the alphabet.  Please go tohttp://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/ for more information.

Arabic is also offered at Santa Clara University, but the program is only available to regular registered and matriculated students.

Our own Arab American Cultural Center is continuing to offer beginning and intermediate Arabic on Saturday mornings, and this summer, and also offered Arabic 4 during two mornings during the week.  All classes are taught by our long time teacher, MS Ein Al Hayat Fahmy, who has a degree in teaching Arabic from Ein Shams University in Egypt and seventeen years experience.  The cost is $100 for eight sessions. Classes follow the interest  of the students enrolled, and include reading and writing as well as colloquial Arabic. For more information on our next series of classes, please read about our arabic classes here or send an email to carol.elshaieb@aaccsv.org.

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