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Date: 25 May, 2017

The AMAAN Committee seeks to provide compassionate assistance to the latest wave of Arabic-speaking refugees, people who have fled unprecedented civil strife, destruction and human suffering in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. Our aim is to provide relief and support to those in Northern California who may be in need of assistance. In doing so, we rely primarily on the Arab-American community and our cultural norms that emphasize generosity, compassion and solidarity. After months of deliberation and reflection, the AMAAN group adopted a mission statement to guide our work and that reflects our assessment of needs and our own capacities to address those needs: “Empowering individuals and communities to heal, unite and thrive.” Likewise, our conversations and interactions produced a vision of what we want our work to produce over the long term and, after careful consideration, we adopted the following vision statement: “Support refugees and others in their transition to a stable and secure life by creating a robust and sustainable social services and referral center that leaves no one behind.”

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