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Involvement – AACCSV

Membership to the center is open for all Arab Americans and their family and friends. A membership will allow you to vote,  use the different facilities of the center, save you money with our activities discounts, and it is tax deductible! Your membership and invovlement makes this all happen and allows us to continue to advocate for the Arab Community building stronger alliances and improving lies.

Why Be a Member?


The center was established in 1987, to serve the social and political needs of the local Arab community. The current members of the Arab American Cultural Center (AACC) are vigilantly working to develop a unified Arab-American center for cultural learning and recreation. Built for all ages, the AACC asks for your help with the development and improvement of such a center.

Accomplishments already performed by the AACC include but not limited to:

  • The AACC has conducted several interviews with local televisions channels 2, 5, and 11, met with important newspapers such as the SF Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News, and given lectures at local schools, mosques and churches.
  • The AACC joined with the Republican Arab American Committee (RAAC) in an effort to educate Bay Area residents of their voting rights, and to highlight issues discussed by Arab American nominees and other candidates.
  • The organization held several social and political events
  • Managed the Arab TV (ATV), which shows once every week. The ATV personnel have interviewed many dignitaries from the Bay Area such as Mayor Ron Gonzales, the Sheriff, the District Attorney, the FBI and many others. ATV covers about 150,000 houses from all different cultural backgrounds.
  • Helped a number of Arab refugees to settle in this area.

The AACC is planning a multitude of events ranging from dance and Arabic classes to voter education. We provide engaging activities to promote, educate and advocate our culture benefitting the many generations to come. We need YOU to continue to make this happen. Volunteers, educators, donations, and much more are crucial to making the AACC continue to flourish. Volunteers are needed to fill the many available positions. Arab Americans must come together in these times of political injustice and rally together to enlighten the general public of their many causes.

How to Become a Member

Membership to the center is opened for all Arab Americans and their family and friends. A membership will allow you to vote, to use the different facilities of the center, will save you money with our activities discounts and it is tax deductible. Your membership will take us a long way in our effort to help the community.


Membership Levels

  • Family – $40.00 / year
  • Single – $25.00 / year
  • Student – $15.00 / year

Email the center at arab.aaccsv@yahoo.com to enroll as a member and submit your payment
Please send your membership contribution with your name, address and email to our address
AACC Membership
3986 Twilight Drive, San Jose, CA, 95124

Donate: The AACC grows as our community continues to grow, and we rely upon the support of the individuals and organizations from within our community to allow us to create events, programs, and projects. Donations you make will allow us at the AACC to continue our programs such as our Arabic Classes and Socials, and creating new events to bring more people together from our community!

All the donations to the AACC are tax-deductible!

Volunteer: We love seeing members from within our community sharing their skills in helping create events, programs, and projects to better the Arab American Cultural Center and the Community that we are a part of. If you are interested in volunteering with the AACC, we encourage to contact us for more information!   Sponsorship: companies can donate money to have business name listed with a link directing users to your website!